STARRING: Sean Duran, Seth Roberts, Luke Milan

THEMES: Orgy/Group, Young/18+


Who needs a time-share when you've got time to share?

In the latest installment of NakedSword's Hooker Stories 2, escort boyfriends Sean Duran and Seth Roberts take a vacation to San Francisco. And when you love what you do, it's hard not to bring a little work along. So the boys case out the San Francisco clientele - the abduction fantasies, the costume dramas, the unsafe and insane - before finding a client they'd almost do for free. Young, muscled Luke Milan is desperate to get fucked, but as soon as anyone sees what's under those jeans, they want him to top. Unlucky Luke calls dynamic duo Sean and Seth to dick him down but good. A few hours later, at his hotel room, the couple happily complies: first feasting on that huge dick, then flipping him over for a sweaty, hole-stretching session that leaves little Luke aching (for more). So what if it's a working holiday? In the escorting world, the hookers that play together, stay together.

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